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Learn how to influence your company culture and build a great team. Culturevist is a platform and community to access courses, templates, advice or coaching.

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Why Culturevist?

We created a community people love

Since 2014 we have nurtured a beautiful network of people who care deeply about company culture and creating companies people love. We provide each other with inspiration, training and support. We started in London, and have developed this online platform to spread more of the love.

When to use Culturevist

Starting a new role

You want to get up to speed quickly and do a great job. What does ‘great’ look like? What should you be prioritising? What metrics should you be tracking? What don’t you know that you don’t know? With Culturevist you can learn from someone who’s been there before.

Training and development

You want to help your team develop, or grow your own skills. You want to improve the people experience, encourage wellbeing, or understand how to influence your company’s culture as it grows. Culturevist gives you access to Specialists and up-to-date training, tailored for you and your team.

External perspective

You’re working on something new and want to benefit from how others have approached it. Maybe you’re looking for advice on hiring for a new role in your company, or at a new stage of growth and facing different challenges to the ones you’ve overcome previously. Culturevist lets you seek help on a specific topic, without needing to commit to long-term consultancy.

Reward and recognition

You want a meaningful way to recognise your team’s achievements. Through Culturevist you can give them the opportunity to book a live video call with somebody they’d appreciate and otherwise not have access to.

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with much more inside.

Speak to someone with experience

We have carefully curated a network of people with exceptional experience. We act as a filter, saving you time and money

Achieve sustainable success

Your company culture and the way you work can enable you to achieve your goals and attract people to your company.

Save time and money

We act as a filter for valuable experience. We’ve selected Specialists, saving you the effort of searching.

Take a flexible approach

You can offer individual or team access to different Specialist’s experience, adapting as quickly as your needs change. Access when it’s convenient for you, from wherever you are.