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Your company’s culture could be a competitive advantage. But it’s so complex and ambiguous, that people often have to stumble their way through.

With Culturevist, you can benefit from our collective experience. Learn from our mistakes and successes, and create a company people love.

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“Culturevist made a really big impact on me and my career. With the inspiration I tool away, I started exploring lots of different ideas and I’ve ended up as the Global Programme Manager for our internal mindfulness programmes. It’s now my job to roll out and embed these globally, and use them as a tool for driving culture change.”

SeanCulturevist member

“I was first introduced to Culturevist in 2018 and have loved being a part of the community ever since! Attending Culturevist events inspired me to implement new initiatives in the workplace, has boosted my confidence with networking, and has enabled me to meet some incredible people. Culturevist is a wonderful group of people who care about workplace culture and wellbeing.”

RosieCulturevist member

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Why Culturevist?

We created a community people love

Since 2014 we have nurtured a beautiful network of people who care deeply about company culture and creating companies people love. We provide each other with inspiration, training and support. We started in London, and have developed this online platform to spread more of the love. You can see what people say about us on our Wall of Love.

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“True To What We Say” Award

How you’re reducing the gap between what you say externally about your company, and how things actually are and operate internally.

✨ “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” Award

How you create belonging and address systemic unfairness.

“Flexible Working” Award

How you create the conditions for truly flexible working.

“Customer Involvement” Award

How you involve your customers in shaping your culture.

✨ “Surprise Us” Award

How you achieved something special, or a way of working which is specific to your culture that you’d like to share and celebrate.