About Culturevist

Our story

Back in 2014, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. To join a fast-growing startup, and experience something very special. A journey of successes and learnings! I had previously learnt about company culture at university. I had consulted and advised companies on developing their culture. But this was my big chance to experience the process of building a company that prioritised considering culture as we grew. We grew quickly and, as we did, I found that I had stumbled into an unofficial role of raising awareness of the trade-offs of decisions as we grew, and the opportunities and implications for our culture.

We began shaping an internal movement. One that was influencing relationships, policies, processes and systems.

We were learning so much, and I wanted to learn what others in other companies were doing. So that we could share what we were trying and what we were learning. I looked online and attended events.

The problem was not a shortage of people writing or sharing about culture.

The problem was that there was so much, and it was really hard to find what I perceived as quality through all the noise. Hard to find things that were most relevant and adaptable for where I was working. For the stage of growth we were in. For the existing culture and history we had.

But… in my search I did find something really special… I found other people searching for similar things! People who cared deeply about their companies’ cultures. Fellow company culture activists.

We became Culturevist.


Founder of Culturevist

Culturevist Specialists

Our team of people with exceptional experience

Headshot of Maria

Maria Campbell
Experienced VP of People.

Rebecca-Monique Williams, PCC
Experienced Head of People and an ICF accredited Coach.

Niall Ryan
Experienced Director of Employee Experience.

Jo Webb
Experienced HR Director and Performance Coach.

Why Culturevist?

Discover how to develop your company culture and create a company people love

Achieve your business objectives

Your company culture and the way you work can help you achieve your goals, or they can hold you back. We offer practical actions and approaches that you can adapt to your specific needs.

Attract people to your company

Create a company so attractive that people proactively seek to apply.

How we help you

We give you access

The problem is not a lack of opinions and advice out there, the problem is that it’s hard to get access to people with actual experience. You might not live near the people with experience, or be able to meet them. You may not have the ability to pay for long-term consulting or training. Rather than having to pay for consulting contracts, costing thousands, we give you access to Specialists.

We act as a filter

Culturevist can save you hours of searching, and gives you access to people you may not otherwise be able to get. Over the years, we have nurtured a network of people with a wealth of exceptional experience in how companies work. We act as a filter and select some of the most special Specialists.

Our spirit – what guides us

We craft things with love

We put a lot of care into what we create, and view it as art. We care about what we’re providing, and the people who form our network. We care about sustainability, in terms of wellbeing, energy, financial and environmental. We value diversity in many aspects, and uniformity in some. We want your experience of Culturevist to be special. An experience you love.

We filter value from the noise

We save you time, effort and money by selecting people with something very special to offer. We’ve curated a wealth of experience, to make it easy for you to discover and access people and content specifically valuable to you.

The value is in the network

The greater the network, the greater the value. As the network grows in a way that reflects our spirit, we collectively become stronger, more adaptable, and more resilient.

Do fewer things, to higher quality

We’d rather do fewer things, really, really well, than many things less well. We care deeply about the quality of the experience.

Give space for things to emerge

We’ve found that many of the best things in life haven’t been the result of only detailed plans. Special moments emerge, unplanned. So we like to keep things simple where we can, giving space for beauty to emerge.

Practical, not just theoretical

Much of the knowledge we have in our network has been gained from practical experience. We share what’s worked and what hasn’t. So we can all learn and progress.