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How do we create culture and belonging in an ever-changing environment?

In our most recent talk, we were joined by Sophie Warren, Culture Architect at Darwin! Sophie shares:

– How her role has evolved into one of Culture Architect.
– The biggest challenges she’s facing: how to create and sustain a high-performing culture that can withstand change
– Her view on the challenges in creating culture and belonging, and how we overcome these, including working on your ‘social fitness’ 

As a teaser, here’s a snippet:

A recording is available for Culturevist members.

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“Culturevist made a really big impact on me and my career. With the inspiration I took away, I started exploring lots of different ideas and I’ve ended up as the Global Programme Manager for our internal mindfulness programmes. It’s now my job to roll out and embed these globally, and use them as a tool for driving culture change.”

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“I was first introduced to Culturevist in 2018 and have loved being a part of the community ever since! Attending Culturevist events inspired me to implement new initiatives in the workplace, has boosted my confidence with networking, and has enabled me to meet some incredible people. Culturevist is a wonderful group of people who care about workplace culture and wellbeing.”

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