Booking, Payment and Cancellation Rules

For the Provider Services

Punctuality and time-keeping

We ask with Providers and Clients to prioritise punctuality – we know everyone’s time is valuable. If the Specialist or Client is more than 5 minutes late, we encourage them to let Culturevist know in the feedback. 

What if the Specialist is late?

Lateness or failure to be present at sessions may result in the Client being refunded and the Provider not receiving the earnings. Repeated lateness or failure to be present during sessions may result in the Specialist and/or Provider being removed from the platform.

Rescheduling or cancelling live sessions

We try to encourage as little rescheduling or cancelling as possible, partly because people may have changed other plans to be available at the agreed time. Though we realise sometimes it is unavoidable.

If a Client needs to reschedule, they should go to the Provider’s Store or the product page and send a message to the Provider, informing them of their inability to attend the booked session. Rescheduling is at the Provider’s discretion. 

If a Provider needs to reschedule, they need to go to the Order Details page in their Store Manager, sending a note to contact the Client, suggesting alternative availability.

If the Client and the Specialist are unable to agree on a mutually convenient time to reschedule, then the booking may need to be cancelled.

If a call is rescheduled, the Specialist or Provider should notify Culturevist of the change via email to

Cancellation policy

If a Client cancels more than 4 days (96 hours) before the session, a refund will be issued to the Client. The Provider will not receive their potential earnings, and the calendar slot will be opened up for others to be able to book.

If a Client cancels within 4 days (96 hours) of the session, no refund will be issued to the Client. The fees will be distributed as if the session happened, and the calendar slot may be opened up for others to be able to book.

There may be exceptional circumstances when the Provider may cancel the call based on the information the Client has provided when they made the booking. In this case, the Provider needs to notify providing the reason why. The Provider also needs to immediately inform the Client, to explain why the booking is being cancelled. The Client will be refunded and the Specialist will not receive the potential earnings. 

We require Providers to be able to commit to availability they have offered, so if a Provider cancels three or more sessions in a 12 month period, we may review the Provider’s involvement with Culturevist.

Booking Rules

If a Client is booking a live call where they intend to have another person dial in, they must select the Multiple Caller Add-On in their cart when making the booking.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure they inform the Provider of everybody who will be participating in the call. If the list of people participating changes between making the booking and the call occurring, the Client needs to contact the Provider through their store or product page to inform them of this change.

If the Client has booked for just one person, and later wants to add another participant to the call, they will need to purchase the Multiple Caller Add-On.


Provider earnings will be paid via Paypal.

All amounts on are in United States Dollars (US $), unless stated otherwise.

For Events

If registrants need to cancel a ticket, they may write to, and providing it is at least one month before the event, a refund may be issued.

Culturevist reserves the right to cancel any events, and in this scenario may issue a refund to attendees. Culturevist will not be liable for any other expenses incurred by registrants, such as travel or accommodation.