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People Experience at Switchee – with Olya Yakzhina

In our latest episode of our company culture show, we were joined by Olya Yakzhina, Head of People at Switchee! We discussed:

– What employee experience means at Switchee
– How they encourage everyone to think about the impact of new things on the employee experience
– Overview of the approach to the onboarding experience
– How could you maintain such a personalised onboarding experience when you hire many people each week?
– What’s the role of a People team when it comes to the employee experience?
– Flexible (hybrid) working at Switchee, the balance of freedom and structure and routine
– Understanding people’s wellbeing

Here’s a two minute clip:

and you can watch or listen to the full episode at:

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Culture in the C-Suite – with David Lancefield

David Lancefield is a catalyst, strategist, and coach, experienced working with a wide range of Chief Executives and Senior Management teams. Visit David’s website at​

We explore:
5:19​ What is the C-Suite?
6:30​ What is company culture?
12:38​ Has the C-Suite actually described the culture?
14:56​ The C-Suite or Executive team has a key role regarding power and authority in progressive and self-managed organisations
20:32​ Causes: what makes C-Suite members decide to prioritise being intentional about company culture?
25:18​ Approaches the C-Suite take to influence the culture throughout a company
31:37​ Measuring culture
36:10​ The relationship between strategy and culture

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Company culture and wellbeing – with Gihan Hyde


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