Company culture and wellbeing event series

Welcome to our series of online events. We are a community of people who care about company culture and wellbeing. Join us to learn how to create a company people love.

23 February 2021 – Member meetup
A chance for us to introduce ourselves, meet each other, and for part of it we’ll discuss this theme: “how the boundaries between work and life in our lives as individuals are starting to now blur… what’s adequate wellbeing support within an organisation’s duty of care vs meddling with people’s personal lives?”

23 March 2021 – How to build a really bloody good compensation framework
“If there is an industry wide-open for disruption it is that of compensation. Reward and remuneration hasn’t evolved much beyond the world of excel, salary surveys, and legacy finance systems.

Over the years I’ve been to plenty of meetups and events about this topic and I’m never left feeling particularly inspired or motivated. That sucks because comp is the heart of the commercial contracts you make with your team. How you reward them financially, and the decisions you make which form your comp strategy, strike to the very heart of the work we do in People Ops.”