Consulting and coaching

We’re trusted by some of the world’s most progressive companies to support the development of their culture and people experience.

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A review to assess the current culture and people experience. Research and interviews to understand opportunities and challenges. Provided practical recommendations and coaching for the Senior Leadership team and culture squads across the company.


“Culturevist helped us put together a customer centric strategy and interactive workshops during the planning phase of our customer community. We needed someone that had done this in practice in other companies and would demonstrate the value to our leadership team. The impact was felt far and wide in the business beyond those workshops.” Miguel, LinkedIn


We worked to make Harrods as great a place to work as it is to shop. We galvanised a cross-functional network of change agents; identified strategic priorities and opportunities to better deliver the desired brand experience. We also were co-lead of the work to refresh the Harrods Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Outcomes included a refreshed EVP and increased potential to attract, changes to key processes, moments of customer delight, and improved customer experience. The internal brand experience more closely reflected the external brand promise.


“Culturevist supported a key initiative at Selfridges by working with a team of talented and passionate individuals from across a number of areas of our business to unite them with a common goal. They produced a vision and clear mission, in addition to identifying key actions to support their success. I’ve observed that the team use many of the skills and techniques shared by Culturevist to work effectively since the worked with them.” Laura, Selfridges

How we can help you

🌟 Advise how to evolve your internal people experience to be more reflective of what you say in your external brand.

🌟 Review of current people experience and culture, with practical recommendations, roadmap, experiments and plans. Support for teams implementing recommendations.

🌟 Guiding the process of articulating the current and/or desired culture, defining or refreshing mission, vision and values, creating culture handbooks or decks.

🌟 Culture coaching or training for leadership and People/other relevant teams.

🌟 Energising people around culture, creating change and culture networks.

🌟 Refreshing the Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand.

🌟 Facilitating and enabling colleague listening and measurement, through workshops, listening sessions, and surveys.

“I found it invaluable to have time with Culturevist to explore where to focus efforts building out a global culture change strategy.  It was so enjoyable and energising to brainstorm ideas with Matt and come up with practical solutions to embed into the strategy”


Global Executive Director, People Growth and Experience, WarnerMedia

“Working with Culturevist recently helped me to take a step back and re-frame the problem I was looking at around our company’s culture and think through what my key objectives or takeaways really were, the key themes that surfaced and what actions I could consider. Not only do Culturevist have a wealth of experience on the topic of workplace culture, Matt is really thoughtful in the way he approaches problems. I really recommend working with him, particularly if you need help in structuring your thoughts around the problem and need an outside perspective.”


Internal Communications Manager, Wise