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Copy House’s journey to becoming a B Corp

Kathryn Strachan is Managing Director & Owner of Copy House.

Copy House is a content marketing agency with a passion for words and an appetite for progress. They work with technology and FinTech brands to bring their vision to life and create valuable content on emerging technologies like blockchain, cloud/cyber security, AI and IoT.

As part of the Culturevist event held to help our community learn from peers on their journey, Kathryn kindly shared some of what Copy House did, and learned, on their path to currently becoming a B Corporation. You can see the video of their story above. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • One of the beauties of B Corp is understanding the decisions we are making as a business, and how they can have an impact on the team, society, the community, and the environment.
  • Our culture already encouraged positive behaviours, e.g. we only hire permanent team members & focus on having a diverse team, invest in learning and development opportunities, promote from within the company, provide more than statutory holidays, allow flexible working which in turn produces little environmental impact.
  • Becoming a B Corp is seen as going on a journey, rather than a tick box exercise to help you get a certificate. You need to make sure the decisions made every day are ethical.
  • Next steps for Copy House are changing our bank account; partnering with onHand, an app that enables people to support causes they believe in; participating in the government-funded Kickstarter Scheme; and looking for ways to continue supporting local, UK and global initiatives, whilst reviewing our supply chain to ensure we are working with like-minded stakeholders.
  • 3 tips for starting your B Corp journey:
    • See it as a journey rather than trying to rush through. Enjoy the ride!
    • Bring the team along with you. You’ll need their support, ideas, etc.
    • Give yourself plenty of time.

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