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Employee Experience Services

Employee Experience Services

Helping you create meaningful employee experiences that drive higher employee engagement and improved business performance.

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    I have gained experience in shaping company cultures for some of the world’s best known employee and customer centric brands. I do this through an in-depth understanding of the drivers of organisational performance and the employee experience design strategies required to make great working environments and high performing companies. I have done this for a wide variety of brands like Harrods, Liberty, Asda-Walmart, public sector bodies like the Department of Health and Social Care, as well as independent consulting for a variety of established and tech startups.

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I have spent the last 15 years shaping employee centric work environments for some of the world’s best customer centric brands. My purpose is to build working environments that enable people to bring their whole-self to the workplace and connect to and get fulfilment from the relationship they have with their company, leaders, manager and their job. You can book a call with me to talk about internal communications, employee engagement, culture change, employee experience design and employer branding.