Fees and Charges Process

This process and these rules are in addition to the Booking, Payment and Cancellation Rules.


All amounts are in United States Dollars (US $).

Culturevist will collect Charges relating to the Provider Services on behalf of the Provider, and subject to compliance with the terms of the Agreement, Culturevist shall pass to the Provider the applicable net amount of any Charges less relevant Fees.

How Providers can offer Products

For each Product, there are two ways they can be offered to be accessed:

a) Standalone Products that the Provider sells:
(These Products are not included in the Culturevist platform subscription. Standalone Products could be (i) Live video call (ii) Live online class or workshop (iii) Pre-created content e.g. pre-recorded online course or downloadable template or webpage content.)
– Provider sets the price (including VAT)
– VAT is deducted if applicable (net amount)
– Culturevist commission fee is 10%+VAT of this net amount – which is retained by Culturevist.
– Remaining charges are passed to the Provider via Paypal. For each Order, this will happen within 30 days of all Products in the order being completed. For example, if an Order includes a combination of your Products that are immediately delivered and one Booking in the future, payment of your earnings for that Order will be made within 30 days of the Booking being completed.

b) In the Platform Membership:
Products that can only be accessed by Clients who have paid (monthly/annually) to be part of the Culturevist platform membership (the membership is sold by Culturevist and all revenues from subscription goes to Culturevist)
– These Products cannot be purchased separately
– Providers do not set a price for these
– Providers do not earn money for these
– Only Products that are pre-created content can be contributed to the subscription. Not live video calls and not live classes or workshops.

Culturevist fees

There are two parts of Culturevist fees for Providers:

a) Standalone Products that the Provider sells:

– Provider sets the price
– VAT is deducted if applicable (net amount)
– Culturevist commission fee is 10% + VAT of this net amount
– Remaining charges are passed to Provider

b) Monthly Provider fee


Providers must inform Culturevist whether they are VAT registered.

If they are, they must inform Culturevist via contact@culturevist.com if this information has not already been provided:
– Which country Provider is VAT registered in
– What the Provider’s VAT number is

Culturevist calculates and remits any applicable VAT for Orders for Provider’s Products on their behalf. Provider is responsible for calculating and remitting any other taxes or fees required of them.

Provider/Specialist Services outside the Culturevist platform

It is strictly prohibited to engage with a User outside of the Culturevist Service to provide Provider Services that can be provided through the Culturevist platform. You will not seek to circumvent Culturevist and engage with Users for the provision of these Provider Services outside of the Culturevist Service. To the extent that you provide other services to Users (that cannot be provided via the Culturevist Service) outside of Culturevist platform, sourced through Culturevist, these will be treated as introductions by Culturevist. As such, any engagements between Providers and Users, following introductions made by Culturevist or other access to the information available on the Culturevist Service, will be deemed to have been facilitated by Culturevist, and an Introduction Commission will be payable:

  • 5% of revenue made by Provider within first 12 months of starting work with Client outside the platform, if such revenue is £10,000 or greater.
  • 10% of revenue made by Provider within first 12 months of starting work with Client outside the platform, if such revenue is less than £10,000.

You will inform Culturevist by emailing contact@culturevist.com.