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Getting More Useful Feedback – Company Culture Event

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About the event

If your boss puts an hour in your calendar titled “Feedback”, you might well not be able to focus on anything until you hear the news.

Many of us have an inbuilt fear of being given feedback. It can feel big, formal, serious, scary – and like it’s usually bad. It’s a dark and unpleasant surprise to be dreaded.

But feedback is necessary, useful, and we should see it as a valuable force for our own personal success. If we want to be successful, better at doing what we do, respected and valued by the people around us, then we need to care about the feedback we get.

We need to reset on what feedback actually is, to unwind its negative connotations, and we need to adopt a better internal model of how to classify the feedback we get. Then we can lean into feedback, seek it out, and make use of it – rather than shying away from the things that could help us most.

On Wednesday 10 February, we’ll explore how to do this, and more. There’ll be a short talk by Maria, followed by Q&A and group discussion.

About Maria

Maria’s built a career leading People, HR & Recruitment in high-growth tech startups, taking them from early stage through growth, from 30-300 employees. She’s worked at Monzo, Snyk, GoCardless and Permutive.

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