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Finalist in the Culturevist Company Culture Awards 2021: Hired 🎉🎉

Congratulations to Hired for being a Finalist and Runner-Up of the Culturevist Company Culture Awards 2021!

To help us all learn, we’re delighted to showcase some snippets of their special story:

In 2020, Vettery, a hiring marketplace owned by the Adecco group acquired, a competing recruitment platform with the goal of creating the world’s largest AI-driven marketplace to match ambitious talent with the world’s most innovative companies through combining the technology, talent, and potential of both organizations.

Hired and Vettery had built powerful AI and people-led platforms powering the hiring for innovative companies including Dropbox, Twitch, Capital One, and thousands of others. With less than 5% overlap in existing subscribers and candidates, this was a significant opportunity to bring two leading organizations and talent communities together to deepen roles/skills, expand geographically and into new verticals and offer greater expertise in specializations such as remote work. In the acquisition, over 95% of the Hired team was retained, despite an incredibly challenging year for hiring as a result of uncertainty from COVID-19’s impact.

The leadership team decided the best approach for the situation was to lead with culture.

The big intention was shared early: the merger was not an integration of an acquired company with a winner/loser dynamic, but a marriage of equals. And this intention was made real through a series of decisions which were made early and communicated widely, including:

· Appointing Vettery and Hired people into key roles

· Inviting and encouraging all staff to participate in organization and culture-building activities.

The next step was to invest in external, objective and multi-disciplinary skills to facilitate the process, and ensure the right skills were in-place at the right time to move fast and thoughtfully.

The Executive Team engaged Blitz Solutions, who initially partnered with the Executive Team to support the merger. Together they set direction and executed with seamless intensity to ensure a rapid integration of operational, strategic, and executive priorities. This included support for the stakeholder engagement of the parent company. 

With the brand refresh and strategy both underway, the Executive Team engaged Kindred Consulting to support the development of the desired culture, and facilitate a program to express organizational values and required behaviours to complement the development of a new brand identity.

The program delivered a series of sessions and survey that spanned all teams and created the space to understand what people felt could be possible, explore and debate options and territories, and through this, co-create the new values.

The final big decision was to create a moment. A memorable moment for the entire Hired team to celebrate the launch of the new organization. 

Meaningfully including our people every step of the way was our guarantee of building something that our people would not just accept, but live.

The external launch was the culmination after a week-long internal celebration including a two day virtual offsite that brought the entire company together to rally behind a new vision, mission, and company values, aligning behind the new brand. 

In the offsite, the team celebrated the immense accomplishment of the integration and past histories of the businesses – then launching into a celebration and “coming out party” of the new brand, followed by an overview of shared strategic initiatives outlined for the remainder of the year and beyond. A gift pack with new brand merchandise was delivered to every member of the team to bring a tangible dimension to the celebration.

Since the launch, the business has thrived, reaching new milestones in 2021 including record highs in interview activity in April on the combined platform that have only continued to grow since.

Day two was oriented around people – celebrating and exemplifying our newly stated company values – including the launch of a new company wide employee recognition program. The new company wide recognition program is presented twice a year and awarded through peer nominations and leadership vote.

To mark the transition into our One Team One Dream culture refresh we paid homage to the two company paths that led us to that point with a Zoom-crash from two singers who captured the accomplishments and personality of the legacy companies as well as set out our values in their bespoke song renditions. It helped set the tone for coming together as one Hired team.

In September, Hired also announced the release of ‘Diversity Goals’, an innovative new solution that provides companies of all sizes with a simplified process for sourcing and engaging underrepresented technology candidates.

The values have been infused throughout our performance management and goals setting process, empowering staff to individually and collectively own and shape the culture in their day-to-day roles. Within a week of the launch, the Product and Tech Teams had already adopted the values as a lens for their upcoming company hackathon, giving participants an opportunity to bring them to life in their own creative ways.

The Executive Team had to be a real team and lead by doing rather than just being in the background of their decisions. For example, this meant not only talking about transparency, but also actually being transparent. This is one of the values we are most proud of, and really try to instill it across every aspect of the organization including Bi-weekly All Hands calls and giving everyone the opportunity to speak and ask questions.

What, if anything, you’d recommend others try if they’re interested in excelling in this space?

Think about culture as a way to achieve your strategic goals; start with the culture you create for yourselves as a leadership team – work on transparency and communication, it will help with inclusion.

Be deliberate about meaningfully engaging your people in refining your organization’s purpose; and be sure to create something that speaks to a higher purpose beyond commercial success so that you produce a mobilizing effect and united direction. It will help drive engagement.

Create memorable moments and shared experiences to kickstart the development of your culture. It is worth the time and investment to turn your cultural artefacts into lived experience that people can remember and relate to as individuals and groups – and find belonging through.

Congratulations to the Hired team for being selected as a Finalist! 🎉