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How can we move beyond ‘BAME’ at work?

If we feel we’d like our companies to move on from using ‘BAME’ as an identifier, (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), how could we help the shift happen?

Rather than changing only language, it could involve a shift in mindset, structures, networks and much more. Where could we start? What could we suggest? What have others done?

We don’t have all the answers, and are creating the space for us to explore together.

Our events vary in format, and this one is a peer-to-peer discussion. So, rather than have a guest speaker who provides most of the insights, this is an opportunity for those of us interested in the topic to discover and connect with our peers with a similar interest, and collectively share ideas and examples to progress our thinking.  We’ll see each other’s names, and have the ability to see and hear each other.

Tuesday 28 July. 14:30 New York. 19:30 London.