How it works

Culturevist has brought together a network of mentors, coaches and trainers with valuable experience. We’re here for you, so you never need to approach the unknown alone.

What we offer

Live video calls

Book a video call with one of our Specialists. See their availability, and pick a time that works for you.

Live classes & workshops

Book to attend relevant classes and workshops, offered at specific times. 

Online courses & toolkits

Immediately access pre-recorded online courses, guides, tools and templates.

How to purchase

Purchase live video calls, live classes and workshops, and selected pre-created online courses, guides, tools and templates. These products are not included in the Culturevist subscription.

For a monthly or annual fee, the Culturevist subscription gives you on-demand access to a selection of ‘light-weight’ pre-created guides, perspectives and templates. These products are not available to purchase as standalone products.

Purchase credits for you, your team, or your company. Can be used on Standalone Products and Subscriptions.

Selected for quality

To ensure you’re getting access to valuable and relevant experience, we handpick Specialists who share our vision and have experience we can learn from.