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Meet the Vibe Team: Hopin’s Answer to Building Culture Remotely at Hyperspeed

We were thrilled to be joined by Camilla Boyer, Head of Internal Communications and Culture at Hopin, who shared Hopin’s approach to building culture remotely at Hyperspeed.

Camilla gave a background on the Hopin story, who and what the ‘Vibe team’ is, and some tips based on what they’re learning from their growth. Here are a few of the highlights…

Founded in mid-2019, Hopin is a company focussed on building the best shared experiences for everyone, no matter where they are. Hopin has grown from ~10 employees at the beginning of 2020 to more than 500 in just over a year. They recently closed their $400M series C led by IVP and A16Z – their third funding round in 12 months. The Hopin team is fully remote and distributed across 44 countries around the world.

We're the glue between everything that makes Hopin, Hopin. We work to make Hopin the best it can be by inspiring informing, and engaging every Hopineer, every day.

The Vibe team is the glue between everything that makes Hopin, Hopin. Rather than sit within the People function, or Marketing function, the Vibe team report to Lily Chang, the Chief of Staff at Hopin.

This reduces the bias that the Vibe team has towards any one function or team, and positions the Vibe team as peers.

Championing our values:
Quarterly Core Values awards.
Values embedded into interview process. 
Emoji Slack reactions.

Here are some of the ways that Hopin recognises people living the values:

Quarterly Core Values awards: Opening up nominations to the whole company to recognise the people they feel really embody the core values.

Values embedded into interview process: Looking for a values-match as people apply to join the company, rather than culture-fit.

Emoji slack reactions: Specially created emojis to give Hopineers shout-outs for living the values.

Hear Camilla explain a lot more around how they nurture their culture in the recording, including:

– The roles of the Vibe team
– Cultural touchstones
– Innovating in remote work/life

Meet the Vibe Team: @Hopin’s Answer to Building Culture Remotely at Hyperspeed, via @Culturevist

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About Camilla

Camilla started out as the second internal comms hire at Twitter when the company was ~1000 people pre-IPO. She has since built a career in storytelling and company culture working across big and small tech companies in San Francisco and London, as a freelance executive communication coach, and currently as the Head of Internal Communications and Culture at Hopin. Camilla has her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and her MBA from London Business School. You can connect with Camilla on LinkedIn here.