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Maria Campbell

Maria Campbell

People leader in high growth tech startups.

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Hi, I’m Maria! I’ve built a career working in high-growth tech startups, developing people processes & frameworks and building culture. My favourite part is the journey from Series A to C and headcounts 30-250. I was the first people leader at GoCardlessMonzoSnyk and Permutive. I’m currently VP People at Griffin. My focus is on developing human-first structures that make work an enjoyable place to be, and as fulfilling as possible – and growing teams quickly, healthily and deliberately!

I have a theory that most people quit their jobs either because of HR failings, or for reasons that modern people practices could mitigate (e.g. having an ill-equipped or unqualified manager). The role of a people team is to centre people’s experience of work, and design each of these experiences to be positive and useful for both the business and the individual. Through this, we can build successful businesses and develop highly talented, engaged individuals.