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Monzo’s lessons from implementing Engineering Progression Frameworks at scale

Andy Smart is VP of Engineering at Monzo. At a recent Culturevist meetup he shared some of the lessons from building career progression frameworks for Engineers. For reference, here’s the latest Monzo Engineering progression framework.

Monzo is a ‘challenger bank’ in the UK, with more than 5 million customers. The Engineering org has grown from 18 people when Andy joined in 2016, and is now approximately 170 people across several functions.

Five learnings

🏆 Focus on outcomes vs outputs. Outcomes are the measure of impact, whereas output is a measure of effort.

🎚Find the right level of abstraction. How specific or detailed you articulate specific appropriate/desired behaviours. 

🖼 Don’t forget to frame. Give guidance to Managers so that when they’re actually using the tool they use it as a compass, rather than GPS. Rather than route you to the exact location, it will point you in the right direction.

🐜 Less is more. We originally created a big list of things because we thought everything should be on the framework, but that created the expectation that it is all encompassing. So we re-wrote it as the bare minimum – a list of things that every Engineer should focus on day-to-day.

🌍 Factor in scope. We first wrote it at about 50 Engineers in our our, and re-wrote it at about 130 Engineers. At this scale, the breadth of the business had changed, and we added in that the scope of the problem space you work on increases significantly, and so the expectations grow significantly too.

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In the talk Andy touched on:

Building career frameworks
What is an Engineering Manager?
What progression looks like for Engineering Managers.

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