How to be intentional about company culture

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Learn the foundations of company culture. An online course on: what company culture is and what influences it, understand what it means to be intentional about influencing company culture, introduce aspects to work on as part of being intentional.

Course contents

– Introduction
– What we’re aiming for

What is company culture?
– What we’re referring to
– Do we need a universally agreed-upon definition?
– However we choose to define culture…
– Some ways of describing company culture
– Our definition of company culture
– Let’s look at some examples
– Which aspects may have an influence?
– Summary

How culture develops and how it’s experienced
– Culture is complex
– Culture cannot be controlled or predicted with certainty
– Culture can change immediately
– Culture continuously evolves
– We each experience culture differently
– Different influences
– Our own lenses and circumstances
– Different strengths
– We might respond differently
– Tradeoffs
– Different weights
– The absence of an influence
– At what size of company does culture form?
– ‘Startup’ culture and ‘more established’ cultures
– Companies have culture, whether you want it or not
– Summary

Being intentional about influencing company culture
– Introduction
– What does it mean to be intentional about influencing the culture?
– When should we focus on being intentional about the culture?
– Understanding where we are now
– Describing company culture
– Being specific about the culture
– Assessing company culture
– Deciding what we will do
– What’s our vision?
– What could we do to help us get closer to that vision?
– Taking considered action
– Approach to taking action
– How much influence can I have on the company culture?
– Can we outsource developing our culture?
– Should we have a team focussed on culture?
– Can we copy another culture?
– Understand where we are now
– Summary

– What we’ve achieved on this course

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