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If you’re looking to transform your performance, or your team’s performance, to the next level, I can help! I support individuals and businesses to create and sustain a culture where people, purpose and performance are all prioritised. My approach combines the science of high-performance with an empathetic curiosity about what it takes for people to thrive at work.

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My experience

I’ve got over 20 years’ Director-level HR experience where I’ve worked with high growth, global SMEs across the media, digital and creative sectors. I’ve been on Exec teams working closely with CEOs to align culture, people and performance to achieve better results. And, I’ve experienced first-hand how the right culture positively impacts performance.

Knowing that culture is the biggest driver of business performance, I saw an opportunity to combine my passion for culture and performance with my knowledge, expertise and experience – and do something I love. I set up Culture Co in 2016.

Through Culture Co I work with businesses and individuals to create and sustain a particular type of culture – we call it a people-first, high-performance culture – because we know this is the only culture that will lead to sustainable success. In this type of culture people, purpose and performance are prioritised. There’s a strong identity and spirit that drives everything in the business – what you do and how you do it. It’s an environment where people are set up and supported to perform to their potential and make the most of their talent. There’s a commitment to work collaboratively for the common good and by doing good, you do well at the same time.

Our ‘soulful science’ approach to culture combines the science of high-performance with an empathetic curiosity about what it takes for people to thrive at work. Using this approach, I help people to create an environment that ensures everyone’s able to make the most of their unique talents.

I work with businesses to help them to define authentic cultural foundations and then ensure they live and breathe across the company. I support leaders to be ready to lead in an environment that’s aligned to their cultural foundations and helps people to perform at their best. And I work with individuals and teams to ensure everyone has the mindset, skills and tools needed to perform to the best of their potential. I do all of this via a mixture of workshops, coaching, and consultancy.


BSc Hons Sport Science – Psychology & Sociology of Sport
CPD Qualified Performance Coach (Staffs Uni)
Insights Discovery (psychometric profiling) Practitioner

I have comprehensive experience in

Company culture, creating authentic cultural foundations – purpose and values, Leading with purpose, People Leadership (and management), Creating the conditions for high-performance, Employee experience / engagement, Coaching, Learning & development, Hiring, Talent development.

I have intermediate experience in

Diversity & Inclusion.

I have experience working in

Size of companies

Stage of growth of companies
Scale up. Well-established. Creating a team. Growing quickly.

I have experience working with global businesses with offices across the US, APAC, Europe and Australia.


Type of support I offer

Advice or mentoring.

Visit my business website

Culture Co

My working style

At the heart of Culture Co’s model is a ‘soulful science’ approach which blends the science of high-performance with an empathetic curiosity about what it takes for people to thrive. My style of delivery reflects this ‘soulful science’ approach.

My aim is to truly understand the needs of the business and the people first, then apply my knowledge, expertise and background to deliver tangible results. I’m pretty straight-talking and tend to say things how I see them for the benefit of everyone. I don’t believe in rolling out the same old stuff – it’s about what works for the unique business, team or individual. I also believe that when people are having fun, they learn the most and keep that front and centre when collaborating with clients. I like to share thoughts verbally but also follow up in writing because I know it’s the best way to commit people to action.

My other interests

I have a gorgeous dog – a nutty spaniel – called Kodie who demands a lot of attention! I’m also a keen yogi. I love a good debate and enjoy gathering different perspectives by reviewing content created by people who inspire me.