Live video calls with Rebecca-Monique Williams, PCC


One hour every week, over the course of six weeks.

I offer 1:1 coaching to individuals who are committed to doing deep, below-the-surface work for their professional and personal growth and development. My areas of specialism are: confidence, boundaries, sense of self, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Be prepared to feel your feelings, unlearn, and (re)discover yourself.

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My experience

My background saw me heading up People functions for fast-growth startups in which I oversaw the entire People lifecycle and managed small teams.

I’m an ICF accredited coach and a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

My coaching styles are somatic and transformational: I help clients explore their values, beliefs, and innate wisdom from the body so they can understand and work through the barriers hindering them from living authentically and achieving their desired outcomes.

I’m grief and trauma-informed, and have worked with individuals overcoming issues such as low confidence and imposter syndrome within the workplace.

I have comprehensive experience in

Trauma, racial trauma, grief, stress, anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, confidence, productivity, motivation, cultivating habits, communication, self-awareness, redundancy, change and transitions, mental well-being, holistic well-being, work-life balance, values, purpose.

I have experience working in

Size of companies
1- 100.

Stage of funding of companies
Seed / Angel, Series A, Series B.

Stage of growth of companies
Creating a team
Growing really quickly

I have coached individuals across the globe including UK, South Africa, U.S.A, Germany, Netherlands.


Type of support I offer

Advice or mentoring.

My working style

I provide a calming, safe, non-judgemental and encouraging space for clients to fully express themselves. I’m flexible: I tailor my approach based on what the client feels is of most value to them and their learning style.


Get in touch for a discount code if:
a) you are personally funding your coaching (i.e the company you work for will not be sponsoring you).
b) if you are not in a management or leadership position.