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Recording: Mindfulness at HSBC

On Tuesday 23 November 2021, Sean Tolram, Global Programme Manager of the Mindfulness Programme at HSBC was our wonderful guest speaker.

HSBC’s vision is to create a culture and environment that helps people nurture their brains and harness their potential. They’re doing this by embedding mindfulness on a global scale, across 70 countries and over 200,000 employees. Sean shared more about this employee-led initiative which began with one person, an idea, and the determination to create a better world. 

You can watch more about it in the video above. As a summary:

The goals of the Mindfulness team:

  1. Deliver industry-leading Mindfulness-based products and services globally.
  2. Create employee-led Mindfulness communities who can drive positive change.
  3. Embed a sustainable business as usual framework to create lasting culture change.

They have trained internal trainers, and we saw some of the content of the course.

Things Sean has learnt along the way becoming a Program Manager of the global Mindfulness initiative, including:

  • You can create something great with no dedicated budget, and then budget may follow, as it did in their case.
  • Changing the conversation from quantifying ROI, to show the demand, getting testimonials, getting Senior Advocates speaking about it… paint a picture of how colleagues are being supported.
  • Don’t assume everyone understands your products. You need to tell a compelling story, particularly if people have perceptions of mindfulness. Know your audience and have a clear proposition.
  • There’s huge demand from people for Mindfulness products and services.

Next the team is looking at:

  • Offering self-led training, to complement the instructor-led training that’s already happening
  • Translating their offerings for around the world.
  • Looking at how Mindfulness can support HSBC’s net-zero ambitions.
  • Strengthening feedback-loops and communication, and using date more.
  • and more…

Thanks to Sean for sharing your team’s great work!