Share your experience

Open a Culturevist Store and choose whether you’d like to earn money. Pass on what you’ve learnt to help people who haven’t gained your level of experience.

We help potential clients find you

Become part of our online community

Flexible. When and where you want

We handle payment, VAT and invoicing

Customise your Store

We supply the infrastructure for you to showcase and sell your Products.

You can add your company logo, and provide an overview of your experience so potential Clients know what you have to offer.

You can choose to have trees planted

As well as developing sustainable companies, we play an active role in developing a sustainable environment. To support Culturevist’s commitment to looking after our environment, you can choose to donate some of your earnings to planting trees.

How to share your experience

Open a Store and sell your Products

You can sell Products to share your experience. Offer live video calls, live online classes & workshops, and pre-created content such as pre-recorded online courses and classes, toolkits and templates. You will earn money for these.

You can also choose to contribute pre-created content to the Culturevist subscription, which you will not receive payment for.

Apply to become a Specialist

Culturevist is a place to access valuable experience. While it can be helpful to hear people’s opinions, our Specialists are people who have gained deep experience and can share what we’ve learned.

If you’d like to join us and share your own experience, we’d love to hear from you! We are being our network in a careful and considered way, and the application process includes live video assessments and activities. We want our platform to be reflective our spirit, and our principles. For more information, and to start your application, click one of the links below.