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  • Annual Membership

    $250.00 / year
    Access to the Culturevist Membership for 1 person. Includes access to our members-only online community, and a selection of guides, courses and templates.
  • Access our online community

    Included in Membership.

    Join our online community of people who care deeply about company culture and wellbeing. This community is for people who care about how their company works. Conversation channels for: Leadership, Management, People Experience, Diversity and Inclusion, Wellbeing, and many other aspects. Join us to have conversations, encourage, and learn from each other.
  • Live video call with Maria Campbell

    From: $225.00
    I’ve built a career leading People, HR & Recruitment in high-growth tech startups, taking them from early stage through growth, from 30-300 employees. I’ve worked at Monzo, Snyk, GoCardless and Permutive. Store: Maria Campbell
  • How to be intentional about company culture

    Included in Membership. Learn the foundations of company culture. An online course on: what company culture is and what influences it, understand what it means to be intentional about influencing company culture, introduce aspects to work on as part of being intentional.
  • Live video calls with Rebecca-Monique Williams, PCC


    One hour every week, over the course of six weeks.

    I offer 1:1 coaching to individuals who are committed to doing deep, below-the-surface work for their professional and personal growth and development. My areas of specialism are: confidence, boundaries, sense of self, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Be prepared to feel your feelings, unlearn, and (re)discover yourself.

    Store: rbccmnq

  • Live video call with Jo Webb

    From: $250.00
    If you’re looking to transform your performance, or your team’s performance, to the next level, I can help! I support individuals and businesses to create and sustain a culture where people, purpose and performance are all prioritised. My approach combines the science of high-performance with an empathetic curiosity about what it takes for people to thrive at work.

    Store: Culture Co

  • Live video call with Niall Ryan

    From: $200.00
    I have gained experience in shaping company cultures for some of the world’s best known employee and customer centric brands. I do this through an in-depth understanding of the drivers of organisational performance and the employee experience design strategies required to make great working environments and high performing companies. I have done this for a wide variety of brands like Harrods, Liberty, Asda-Walmart, public sector bodies like the Department of Health and Social Care, as well as independent consulting for a variety of established and tech startups.

    Store: Employee Experience Services

  • How to define company or team values

    Included in Membership. An online course on how to define company or team values.
  • People Health Check

    Included in Membership. A foundational framework to assess priorities & risks for your People function. Store: Maria Campbell
  • Flexible working: No ‘set working hours’ and asynchronous working

    Included in Membership. We're seeing more and more companies shifting to having no 'set working hours' and more asynchronous working, rather than synchronous working. Here's a guide to what they are, and how they could work for your company.
  • High-level considerations for change

    A high-level structure of things to consider for intentional organisational change
  • Examples you can do to influence company culture

    Included in Membership. A list of practical examples you can try in your team or company.
  • Membership: 2-12 people

    $220.00 per member / year
    Access to the Culturevist Membership for 2-12 people. Includes access to our members-only online community, and a selection of guides, courses and templates.
  • How to tell what a company’s culture is like before you join

    Included in Membership. One of the things that can make or break your experience at a company (and the company's success) is its culture. But you never really know what a company's culture is like until you actually experience it. So what can you do to get a sense of what the culture's like before you join?
  • Culturevist credits

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    Purchase credits for you, your team, or your company. To be used on any Products
  • Membership: more than 12 people

    $200.00 per member / year
    Access to the Culturevist Membership for more than 12 people. Includes access to our members-only online community, and a selection of guides, courses and templates.
  • Multiple caller add-on for live video calls

    Add one for each live call you book that you will share the link of to have multiple people dialling into. For example, if purchasing two live video calls, add two of these to the cart
  • Communicating values

    Included in Membership. Understand some of the ways you can communicate values. Be aware of aspects to consider when communicating.
  • List of moments that matter in the people experience

    Included in Membership. You could say that every moment in a company matters. Some may matter more than most, and some may be valued differently by different people. Here's a list to help us be aware of what some of these moments are, so that we can take decide which we want to make changes to.
  • My guide to working with me

    Included in Membership. A simple template to help people and teams work better together.

Showing 1–20 of 24 results