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  • Live video call with Maria Campbell

    From: $225.00
    I’ve built a career leading People, HR & Recruitment in high-growth tech startups, taking them from early stage through growth, from 30-300 employees. I’ve worked at Monzo, Snyk, GoCardless and Permutive. Store: Maria Campbell
  • Live video calls with Rebecca-Monique Williams, PCC


    One hour every week, over the course of six weeks.

    I offer 1:1 coaching to individuals who are committed to doing deep, below-the-surface work for their professional and personal growth and development. My areas of specialism are: confidence, boundaries, sense of self, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Be prepared to feel your feelings, unlearn, and (re)discover yourself.

    Store: rbccmnq

  • Live video call with Jo Webb

    From: $250.00
    If you’re looking to transform your performance, or your team’s performance, to the next level, I can help! I support individuals and businesses to create and sustain a culture where people, purpose and performance are all prioritised. My approach combines the science of high-performance with an empathetic curiosity about what it takes for people to thrive at work.

    Store: Culture Co

  • Live video call with Niall Ryan

    From: $200.00
    I have gained experience in shaping company cultures for some of the world’s best known employee and customer centric brands. I do this through an in-depth understanding of the drivers of organisational performance and the employee experience design strategies required to make great working environments and high performing companies. I have done this for a wide variety of brands like Harrods, Liberty, Asda-Walmart, public sector bodies like the Department of Health and Social Care, as well as independent consulting for a variety of established and tech startups.

    Store: Employee Experience Services

Showing all 4 results