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Sustainablee – what we’ve learnt helping companies on the journey to becoming a B Corp

Danielle Thompson is Founder of Sustainablee, who help to build the new breed of business where balancing profit and purpose is just business as usual.

As part of the Culturevist event held to help our community learn from peers on the journey, Danielle kindly shared some of what she’s learned helping companies become B Corporations. You can see the video above, and here are a few of the highlights:

  • Identify a core team. Who are the people who are really going to drive this from within your company? Ideally including the CEO or owner, certainly someone in the senior leadership team. An internal team that become experts on the assessment, and partner with others in the company.
  • Make sure the core team has access to data. B Corp asks for a lot of data, you need to have evidence.
  • Collect evidence as you go. When you start you can get excited and carried away, though as you go along collect and store data, and keep up to date of changes happening in the business.
  • Download the assessment as a spreadsheet to see the scores and work out where the gaps between the points available and the points you have. It can help you prioritise and focus.

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