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Switchee’s journey to becoming a B Corp

Olya Yakzhina and Charles Solanki are part of Switchee, a socially conscious technology innovator, focused on finding elegant solutions to housing issues. Switchee develops and supplies connected devices and analytics for landlords and their residents.

As part of the Culturevist event held to help our community learn from peers on the journey, Olya and Charles kindly shared some of what they did, and learned, on the path they’re currently on to become a B Corporation. You can see the video of their story above. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Work with other people, particularly if preparing for B Corp certification is in addition to your existing responsibilities in your role.
  • Engage B Leaders – accredited consultants who help you on your journey. They helped us to an internal presentation that helped inspire and influence colleagues.
  • Find the quick wins to boost your scores.
  • There’s a wonderful trickle-down effect – for example if we can influence your suppliers to be more sustainable as part of our journey.
  • Pull together an internal steering group from different parts of the company for support and help doing the work.

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