Wellbeing Inspiration – Examples


  • It might be that something that just takes you a few moments, a few minutes, 30 minutes, or it might be something you do all day, like approach things in a certain way or try and have a mindset of, e.g. compassion or kindness …
  • Some of us may not have the opportunity or be able to do some of these things. For example, to work in a different physical environment.
  • Only do things that are safe enough for you.
  • Many of these will be worded for you. You could could reframe them as things you could encourage your teams to do.

Here are some examples as inspiration, though of course feel free to something not on this list 🙂

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  • Become more flexible – stretch.
  • Move your body. Walks. Join an online dance/yoga/pilates/etc class.
  • Meditate.


  • Call up a friend.
  • Say thank you to someone.
  • Encourage others.
  • Form a peer group.
  • Create a space to listen. Enable listening sessions – people there to listen.
  • Arrange time with friends to have a conversation, one to one and/or as a group.
  • Write: things you’re grateful for; things that made you happy; things you have achieved

Nutrition: Food

  • Eat slower – be more mindful about how it tastes.
  • What you eat.
  • When you eat.
  • What you drink. Enough water? How much alcohol?
  • When you drink.

Nutrition: Information

  • How much news do you watch?
  • Time on social media


  • Sing. Create/join a karaoke night, or a choir.
  • Play a musical instrument.
  • Offer an employee assistance plan – someone people can talk to
  • Offer contacts for organisations/charieties that can help.
  • Have a way/approach/tecnighqte for coping/handling things that emerge.
  • Acknowledge it’s ok to not be ok
  • Consider who you’re inspired by. Can you speak? Watch videos of them?
  • Do something that gives you joy.
  • Take time to dream.
  • Look for the positive in a situation that’s currently not going well.
  • Think of a happy memory – if it involved someone, share it with them.


  • Set a timer, so you work in 30 minute chunks with breaks in between.
  • Set times that meetings should not be booked.
  • Switch what you are working on for a change.
  • Block out time in your diary for you to spend on things specifically for your wellbeing.
  • Stop working at at time you’d like to


  • Get a light that helps make your space brighter.
  • Decide how many hours of sleep you aim to have. What needs to change to enable that.
  • What is your pre-sleep routine? How would you like to change it?
  • Be active when you are not sleeping.
  • Consider the impact of alcohol on your sleep.


  • Write down things you will do this week, this month, this year, that you’ll look forward to.
  • Learn something you’ve wanted to learn.
  • Finish something you’ve started and haven’t finished.
  • Do something you’ve been putting off.
  • Role model putting time in your calendar for time exercising, and enciourgae others to do similar.
  • Consider what your values are. If you were to act incline with the, how wold it affect what you prioritise?
  • Of all the things you could be working on (or are being asked to work on), priorities which you’ll focus on. For the others, can someone else do it, can you have a conversation which who asked for it or is expecting it and see if it is okay that ’s not one of the highest prioirties.
  • Assess which things that you can control, and those that you can’t. Consider how that will affect how you spend your energy and attention.


  • Change the physical setup of where you work.


  • Give to someone, or an organisation such as a charity, that could do with some help


  • Try to build healthy habits
  • What habits do we feel you want to change?
  • Create a space to do nothing other than breathe.
  • Do 30 days of Wellbeing/exercise/[…].
  • Be conscious of time on social media.
  • Be fully engaged in whatever you ae doing in that moment, try to not follow distractions
  • Aim to help someone.

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